Read my work for less in the Markosia sale at ComiXology

Digital comics platform ComiXology currently has a sale on books from UK publisher Markosia, with 50% or more off across their back catalogue until the 5th of June. So, if you want to pick up some of my previous work, now is a very good time.


Here are some titles I worked on that you can pick up at a bargain price.  

The Interactives 


A three issue mini series, written by me with art by Luciano Vecchio (Beware the Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Yel Zamor (Grindhouse, Rivers of London). 


The public is obsessed with reality and the creatures from fantasy fiction fear extinction. Dragons, giants, orcs, goblins, and trolls - one by one they're breaking through from The Realm to The Real. War is coming to London and only geek blogger scallywag and his online followers stand in their way. 

UK version, full series £1.49

US version, full series  $1.99 

The Intergalactic Adventures of Zak Ridley   


A four issue mini series, co-written by me with Ian Sharman (Hero 9 to 5, Alpha Gods), with art by newcomer Ewan McLaughlin.


Zakk Ridley is just your average smuggler and rogue until he and his robotic partner, Dan, get caught up in an intergalactic conspiracy. Zakk dreams of an easy life roaming the galaxy and making a fast buck, but as they say, in space no one can hear you dream...

UK version, full series £1.49

US version, full series $1.99 


British Comics Showcase Anthology Vol.1  


 You can read Blood Dolls, written by me with art by Cheuk Po and Matt Soffe in this excellent anthology.

UK version, £1.99

US version $2.99 

Eleventh Hour Vol.1.  


This bumper four issue anthology, created by me and Ian Sharman, is where you can see much of my very early work, along with a host of other creators. 

What goes on in the minds of the hottest rising talent in comics?A schoolgirl haunted by demons, vampire chicks on motorbikes and retired superheroes are just some of the things you can expect in this deluxe anthology title. Eleventh Hour features exciting new creators from across the globe, with ten standalone stories and a preview of sci-fi series Mamluk.

UK version, 69p

US version $0.99 




Some more of my work can be found within the later anthology series FTL and I'd also recommend checking out work by my friends and collaborators Simon Wyatt, Cy Dethan, Ian Sharman and David Wynne elsewhere in the sale too.