Writing for hit series Gutter Magic

Gutter Magic, written by Rich Douek, was a four issue fantasy mini-series, published by IDW in 2016 to critical acclaim.  

Gutter Magic is smart fantasy that’s well worth your time and treasure.
Set in modern day New York City where World War II had been fought with magic and wizards are the elitists, the series follows Cinder Byrnes, a member of a wealthy family of magic users, who was born without powers and his journey to learn how to cast spells.

Rich recently ran a Kickstarter campaign to continue the series in a new anthology, Tales from the Gutter. The anthology will feature three new stories from Rich and artists Renae De Liz (Legend of Wonder Woman, Peter Pan), original series artist Brett Barkley and Eryk Donovan (Quantum Teens are Go, Memetic). 

As well as these three stories, there are also going to be two additional back up stories written and drawn by members of the Comics Experience workshop community, where Rich originally developed the project. I am pleased to announce that my story 'Throwing Caution' was selected from the CE workshop writer submissions and that it will be appearing in Tales from the Gutter, along with "Til Death' by Kenny Porter.  My story is focussed on a character from the series called Blacktooth, giving a little insight into his background, and what makes him the goblin he is today.

I'm really pleased and honoured to get to play in the exciting and well developed universe that's already been established within the pages of Gutter Magic. Details of the story's artist, colourist and letterer will be announced soon and I'll be sure to share it here.  You can read the original series on Comixology and it's available as a trade paperback at Amazon in the UK and US